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All Saints' Episcopal Church
Warner Robins, Georgia
Church Ministries



All Saints' Greeter Ministry




The role of Greeting the Seeker is to welcome everyone with expressions of good wishes, but it extends beyond a simple hello and a hug on your way into the sanctuary on Sunday Mornings.

The Greeter's Ministry provides a vital role in making our members and friends feel at home. It is our belief that a "simple" greeting will provide the necessary framework for each member to get their minds and hearts "stayed on Jesus" and ready to accept the message that will be forthcoming today. This ministry realizes that we are the FIRST contact as people enter the church so we prepare ourselves with prayer as our foundation, that we will be a blessing to those we greet.

As greeters, we are responsible for helping each member of our parish family recognize how important they are to the life of the church. Whether you have been involved with All Saints' Episcopal for 30 years or 30 minutes, we want you to know you are welcome, and “We’re glad you are here.”

It is our job to welcome seekers into our midst to greet them, seat them, meet them after service and get them involved. We want to keep them coming back for more. New members, new opportunities, and a refreshed sense of belonging are areas where we can make a difference.

Although being a greeter is everyone’s job, we need individuals to help us achieve our goals. Of course we’ll always need people to welcome church-goers on Sunday mornings especially at the 10:15 am wordhip service, but with your support, we can really make this ministry happen.



Present Day

The Greeters Ministry at All Saints’ Episcopal is to extend God’s love and welcome those who enter our doors each Sunday.

This important ministry is composed of numerous members from a variety of age groups who volunteer their time occasionally on a Sunday morning before and after the 10:15 am worship service.  Greeters are at the front door and in the narthex before and after the worship service to welcome all who come to worship at All Saints.  In addition to a warm welcome, visitors are given a gift bag with information about All Saints, invited to sign the guest book. a visitor’s card in the gift bag or pew rack, and to join us for refreshments in the Parish Hall following the service.

Further, there is nothing more welcoming to visitors and newcomers than a happy, smiling person at the front door of the church greeting folks as they enter to worship in God’s house. Our greeters are the first impression visitors have of our congregation and our ministry. It is absolutely crucial that all greeters serve with joy and concern. Please join this ministry and welcome our community each Sunday.

When a person steps into a church for the first time, he or she evaluates the atmosphere. He asks him/herself: “Will they accept me? Will it be easy to make friends? Will my spiritual and personal needs be met? Will it be easy to find my way around? Will my family like it here?”

The newcomer will quickly come to some conclusions during the first few minutes. First impressions are often lasting impressions. Consequently, the ministry of the greeters is one of the most important things that happens in any congregation! Sometimes it is called “foyer ministry.”

Although a greeter’s love should be no stronger than is the love found in the rest of the body of Christ, nevertheless the greeter performs a major role in ensuring that people see and experience that love. In Christ, you have received God’s unconditional love, and, in Christ, you are called to extend that same unconditional love to others. The ministry of greeting is perhaps one of the most crucial in the church because it is one of the most visible. It is a ministry vital to the saving work of the church.



About The Episcopal Church


The Episcopal Church (TEC) traces its origins back to the Church of England, which was created by King Henry VIII of England in the midst of violent religious disagreements of the 16th century. This was the time of the Reformation, and after several disagreements with the pope, King Henry VIII cut ties with the Roman Catholic Church and declared himself the head of the newly independent Church of England – also known as the Anglican Church.

TEC is distinguished by the following characteristics:

Ø Protestant, yet Catholic

Ø Worship in One's First Language

Ø The Book of Common Prayer

Ø Scripture, Tradition, and Reason

To read more about The Episcopal Church, click on About The Episcopal Church.


Welcome Newcomers


All are welcome at All Saints' Episcopal. We are glad you have decided to visit our website and hope that you will spend some time in our church and in our community as well.

If you are new and would like more information about All Saints please fill out our visitor registry, then the Greeter will hand the information to you. If you are interested in membership, please fill out our Short Membership Application Form in the gift bag and place it in the offertory plate or give it to one of the Ushers. You will be contacted by the Rector or a Vestry Member within 24 hours after the service.

If you're not sure how to find our church, we hope our  Maps Page/Driving Directions will help you locate us. Also, you can always call our office for directions at 478-923-1791.

We offer campus tours daily—please call our office (478-923-1791) for upcoming dates and times. And the Newcomers Greeter is always outside and visible every Sunday morning after the morning service at 11:35am.

In any event, welcome, and we hope to see you soon!


Contact with newcomers

When our Greeter notices unknown guests, the Greeter will introduce him/herself first, extend a welcome, and then ask for the visitors’ names. While the visitors write in our guest book or complete registration cards, call over an Usher or another All Saints’ Member. Introduce the visitors to this person who will show them to a seat or help them in finding the Reverend J. Chester Gray III, Educational Building, the Parish Hall, and etc. It is especially important that the Greeter make a record of each visitor and turn this over to the Rector or interest coordinator. This is an important source of new members when properly followed up.



Take an interest in people

The congregation depends on the Greeters to make their church personal. The Greeter really care about people and the congregation and visitors will be able to see it. Some visitors are shy and will want you to preserve their dignity by not being too forward. Others are gregarious and want to be asked questions.  The Greeter try to sense needs such as those who are confused about the location of children’s activities or need access to the rest room, and etc. The Greeter will be as helpful as he/she can.


Invitation to coffee hour or potluck

All Saints’ Episcopal have a process in place to ensure that visitors are either invited to coffee hour  (Lemonade and Cookies are served during the Summer Months) in the Parish Hall or to the church fellowship potluck/covered dish luncheon.  All Saints have a potluck/covered disk luncheon once a month.


Listen for deeper needs

People come to church burdened with hurts, disappointments and personal crises. As you have opportunity, the Greeter will steer hurting people to those in the church family to whom they can turn for help—the Rector, professional or peer counselors, teachers, physicians, social workers, All Saints’ Community Services leaders, and others. Greeters will use their knowledge and experience to meet people at their points of need.


Distribute Materials

The task of the Greeter has more to do with relationships than mechanical aspects like handing out the church bulletin. At the same time bulletins are also important! All Saints have a special handout or packet for visitors also. This often includes information about the Episcopal Church, All Saints, some history and a list of week-day activities like study groups, All Saints’ Community Services, parish life, workshops and seminars.


All Saints' Greeters Schedule

December 2012

December 2nd:   Jimmy/Ann

December 9th:    Mike/Wynette

December 16th:  Miriam  Lessons and Carols

December 23rd:  Anne I

December 24th:  Anne I    5:30 Children’s Service

December 24th:  Will/Kat  11:00 Service

Please be sure to mark the date you will be greeting on your calendar. I try to send out reminders for the week; if you can’t greet on the Sunday you have been assigned please, try to find a substitute. Be sure to call me if you can’t find one.
As always, thank you for al you do to make this program a success.



All Saints' Greeter Ministry Coordinator

Cash and check donations can be dropped off at the All Saints’ Episcopal Church office or placed in the offering plate during services. For more information about All Saints’ Episcopal Greeter Ministry or if you would like to donate money,  time or services, please contact  Ann  Eubanks through the Church Office at: 478-923-1791 or by email:  


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